Umbrella Director

This is the most popular of our umbrella company solutions.

We appoint you a director and shareholder of our umbrella company.

It is a fast and efficient accountancy solution which allows professional contractors to set up as self-employed professionals on the same day.

You get all the benefits of being a director of a limited company
without having to set up a new Irish limited company.

It is ideal for professional contractors on higher daily rates, planning to contract in the medium to long-term and who don’t want to manage their own limited company.

Set-up is free and there are no sign-up or leaving charges.

You only pay fees for the months we invoice for you.

If you are on holiday so are our fees.

As an umbrella company director,
you can claim business expenses and tax benefits
that are not available to PAYE workers.

This means you are maximising your income

What do we take care of

  • Once you have completed and returned the simple Sign Up form,
    Mac will look after all administration
    including invoicing, expense reconciliation, payslips, tax filings and company accounts.
  • Everything is included in our monthly fee.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance is also included in our monthly fee.


  • Free set-up.
  • Minimal administration for you.
    You send us your billable days and expenses and we do the rest.
  • We prepare a payslip for you on the same day we receive payment for your invoice.
  • We help you claim legitimate business expenses.
  • We file your Form 11 director’s tax return.
    This applies whether you have been with us one month of the tax year or 12 months. There is no minimum qualifying period.